Elisabeth Nebeker, Marketing Director

Elisabeth Nebeker

Elisabeth Nebeker Marketing Director New Space Entertainment, Salt Lake City, Utah

Elisabeth grew up in Wellesley, MA and has a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Utah in Health Science.

  Her first job was with the American Heart Association creating Corporate Wellness Programs. However, after 6 months, she decided to take some time off, going backpacking by herself in Europe for almost 5 months. When Elisabeth returned to the US she wanted to pursue a career in marketing. Her first marketing position was for an architectural firm, Prescott Muir Architects in Salt Lake City, designers of the Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center and the Utah Museum of Fine Arts. Soon she was offered a job at the Sundance Institute in marketing for the Sundance Film Festival, plus their workshops for theatre artists, filmmakers, and composers. She transitioned into public relations running the press office for Sundance Film Festival and handling the publicity for all the Sundance Institute programs. For the last 9 years Elisabeth has been a Marketing Director for New Space Entertainment, an independent promoter of touring Broadway Shows and concerts. She does the PR and marketing for live entertainment. This can involve an author traveling to town for a one or two night event or a Broadway musical like “The Lion King” that will be in town for 7 weeks. Each event has its own marketing budget, strategy and many times audience. Her job involves pitching stories to the daily newspapers, TV news programs, Internet writers, as well as media buying, event planning and creating promotions with radio, tv stations and 3rd party sponsors. Elisabeth says that “The most difficult part of the job is vying for potential ticket buyers time and entertainment dollars especially in this economy. It can also be a challenge to work on a show that is not well known or well received but that also leads to creating more clever marketing campaigns.” She commented that the most enjoyable aspects of entertainment marketing are “getting to see shows and meeting artists like actress Gwyneth Paltrow, director Robert Altman and Broadway producer Dori Berinstein whose passion and dedication to their work makes her proud to be a part of this business.” According to Elisabeth “The keys to success in this field are flexibility, perseverance and the ability to build strong relationships with the media, sales representatives and show producers.” Elisabeth sees the biggest change in entertainment marketing is the Internet. Five years ago print and TV were the most important media used in the marketing of live entertainment. Today more people are using technology to learn about ways to spend their entertainment funds. In her spare time Elisabeth enjoys spending time with her family, running, skiing, tennis, cooking, and traveling.