What is eco-fashion?

What is eco-fashion?Eco-fashion is clothing and other goods made from recycled materials or produced by methods that are not harmful to the environment (without the use of harmful chemicals, dyes or bleaches). In addition the term eco-fashion encompasses clothing produced that is not harmful to the health of those workers making the clothes. Workers that are treated fairly and paid a fair wage.

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“Eco Fashion – Conscious Consumerism” I believe we are at the tipping point. Conscious consumerism has progressed to a lifestyle. We are experiencing an explosive growth in farm-to-table restaurants. There is an increased demand for more transparency and social responsibility. We see this across a myriad of brands with forward thinking companies. Think Coffee is working with small family-run farms. Chipotle incorporates sustainable work wear designed by Loomstate.

Eco Jewelry If you’ve been hearing about Eco Jewelry and wondering if it just refers to crafty bits of recycled glass bottles and colorful plastic, think again. Eco-conscious jewelry is available across a wide range of styles, from fashion to fine. The defining characteristic is a use of materials that are repurposed, recycled or responsibly-sourced, including gold and diamonds.

Fashion and CHANGE meets social responsibility! There is a change happening in Madison, Wisconsin. The fair trade fashion boutique is called Change. Nikki Anderson is the founder and owner of this eclectic environmental gem and has blended creativity, social responsibility, and fashion. The driving force behind her mission statement is a simple little quote: “You must be the change if you wish to see the change in the world.” Nikki’s boutique takes being socially conscious within the fashion world by storm by helping brands that encourage and represent responsible consumerism while uplifting people’s lives across the globe. She helps educate American consumers on making ethical choices when shopping and creates an accessible fashion space to do so! Nikki has gathered some of the world’s most interesting environmentally and socially conscious vendors and has a created a play land for her customers.