Dressing for Business Meetings

Dressing for Business MeetingsDressing for Business Meetings

Today Dressing for business meetings varies greatly from industry to industry and / or where the company is located. In general business attire is more formal in cities like New York and London than in LA or San Francisco.


Casual attire has invaded most work places. Even in many conservative companies the executives wear casual clothing to work but keep a more traditional work outfit in their office for important business meetings.

It is easy to put together a woman’s outfit for a traditional business meeting. A dark suit in navy blue is in good taste and is more feminine than black. It can be worn with a classic style men’s shirt and a colorful neck scarf or simple jewelry with polished black leather heels and bag. Another option is a dress with a jacket.

When it comes to the more casual type work places it seems like anything goes. There are no hard and fast rules regarding women’s attire for important business meetings but the bar is higher for women. For important business meetings women need to look on top of their game to appear professional and smart. At more casual business venues women’s business attire varies. Wear what the important women in the company wear. In other words if you work at YAHOO check out Marisa Meyer’s business attire.

The basic rule to go by is to watch what the movers and shakers wear to the office and what they wear in meetings. What people wear to meetings is determined by who they are meeting with and/or what type of impression they want to make. A fail safe rule is to dress more on the conservative side so you look good.

Put together one or two standard outfits to wear to important business meetings. If it is a suit or skirt, blazer and blouse you can vary blouses/tops to have a fresh look. Another way to vary your look is change accessories (jewelry, scarves, or handbags).

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