Dressing for Evening Business Events

Dressing for Evening Business EventsLittle Black Dresses Perfect for Evening Business Events

Evening business events after work are usually a little more dressy than daytime office attire. Dress on the conservative side (forget sparkly and shiny) since you will be judged by others. Your presentation might mean getting or not getting a promotion. You want to look poised and that you have good judgement at every business event.

Conservative clothing means a dress and jacket, suit, skirt and jacket or tailored pants and a jacket. Skirt and dress hemlines should hover around your knees. Necklines should not be too low. In other words what you would wear to the office if you are an executive. Closed toe pumps with high heels and stockings give you a more polished look. Open toe shoes can be worn with toeless hosiery or sandals will work for evening events when the weather is hot. Add a piece of statement jewelry to give your outfit a POP. Carry an envelope purse instead of your daytime tote.

Business Casual Attire
for a Business Function in the Evening

If your office is business casual a simple dress or tailored pants and a blouse in silk or a cashmere sweater and nicer accessories would look good for an evening business event.

For weekend evening events you follow the same rules but you can wear clothing that is made from dressy fabrics like silk, velvet, satin maybe a sequin dress for some occasions like a Christmas party. Stick to conservative style clothing. Add statement jewelry to simple style clothing.

Sporting events in the evening or a weekend Bar-B-Q’s require more casual attire but choose clothing that flatters your figure. Avoid anything too tight, too baggy, too low cut or too short if you are concerned about making a good impression.

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