Dress Up for the SF Autumn Viennese Waltz Ball


Invitation to a Viennese Waltz Ball

The Viennese Waltz Ball requests your presence. Like to dress up? Like to go waltzing? The San Francisco Waltzing Society presents the 2014 Autumn Viennese Waltz Ball on November 8, 2014. Waltzers will spin around the ballroom counter clockwise to a 30 piece orchestra. The Waltz Ball opens with The Grand March–this is a chance to see the other waltzers and get ready to have an elegant evening of fun. There will be ballroom dancing  to a live quartet for the Foxtrot, Rumba crowd alternating with the Symphonic orchestra playing Viennese Waltz. Terribly romantic and unforgettable!


What to wear? Women love to wear full length ball gowns and many men wear white tie (with the long tails). However,  black tie is acceptable. Some women buy couture gowns, some vintage gowns with hoop skirts and some modern gowns; but all gowns need enough room at the bottom to move your feet widely and quickly. Shoes can be ballroom dance shoes or pumps. Closed toe style shoes are advisable, to protest your toes. Suede sole shoes are good for waltzing and prevent slipping.  Comfort should be the guide, as waltzers can be on their feet for up to 5 hours. You want a shoe that flexes a little. Go crazy with bling if your dress is simple in design but keep jewelry simple if the dress you are wearing is a complex style or wear something that sparkles in your hair.   Wearing of gloves for both men and women is optional but visually appealing and a defense against sweaty hands!

Plan to join the fun!

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For more information about waltzing in San Francisco, go to sfwaltzingsociety.org.

The above article was based on the information and notes from Raejean Fellows.