Does a dress in a taffeta fabric give you a slimmer look?

Does a dress in a taffeta fabric give you a slimmer look?Taffeta dresses are so beautiful but any clothing in taffeta has a shiny, lustrous look that can give you a heavier appearance. However if you are considering a dress in taffeta think darker colors if you want to look slimmer.

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Good Posture Goes Beyond Looking Good
These words still keep ringing in my ear.  “Keep your head up, keep your shoulders away from your ears, and open your chest” was another of my mother’s constant refrains to my sister and I as young girls.  For those who practice Pilates, these words must sound very familiar.

Dieting Basics
Dieting basics will get one started on the road to healthy eating. January has gone and my New Year’s resolution to become a healthier version of myself is right on track.  Although setting New Year’s resolutions often don’t work, I did find that the process of setting a goal this year helped me imagine how I wanted to be in the near future.  It’s never too late to set a goal for yourself, and you don’t need a new year to do so—especially if it helps you to achieve something beneficial and positive.

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