How to Dress For a Job Interview


Clothes That Help You Get The Job You Want

It is a well-known fact that the first impression that someone gets of you counts big time. Today job interviews are more involved when looking for an important job. You want to land the position or to be asked to come back for another interview when necessary. Your clothing and the color(s) you wear can help you make a good first impression.


If you have a job interview with a conservative company like a law firm, bank, etc. dark colors like navy, black and gray convey competence. The proper business attire is a simple dress and jacket or suit in one of these dark colors for this type of interview. Add a colorful scarf near your face to project energy and youthfulness to your clothes. A colorful print blouse can also add interest to a solid color outfit. Avoid anything too trendy for this type of job interview.

For fashion and creative type jobs you want to convey the message that you are “hip” and stylish. You can wear trendy colors, but it is better to error on the conservative side when choosing clothing styles. You cannot go wrong dressing in color coordinated simple and tailored style separates.

Always check with the company regarding their dress code before going for an interview. Remember it is better to be underdressed than overdressed.

Khaki pants or skirts with a sweater or shirt style blouse and jacket are appropriate for some casual job interviews. You can always wear a denim jacket with khaki colored clothing.

If you have been told that jeans are appropriate for a job interview choose a pair that fits well. Darker jeans are more professional looking. No novelty / trendy types are acceptable when going for an interview.  Wear a blouse and jacket or sweater set with jean style pants. Wear jeans with leather shoes and a leather belt.

Dressing in good taste says that you are competent, have good judgement, and are self-confident.

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