Do High Heels Empower Women in the Office?

Do High Heels Empower Women in the Office?

Do High Heels Empower Women in the Office?

High heels may empower women in the office. A scientific study by scientists from the Universite de Bretagne-Sud in France has measured high heels and power. The findings were published in the journal Archives of Sexual Behaviour and point to the fact that women get a lot more attention from men if they are wearing high heels versus if they are wearing flats.


Men are more likely to pick up an object a woman drops if she is wearing high heels and more apt to stop and answer survey questions on the street if a woman is wearing heels.

High heels in the workplace may help you get help easier from men. Also it is easier to persuade men or get agreement on something you think is important when wearing high heels. However wearing high heels does not influence other women. Take your audience into consideration when deciding whether to wear or not to wear high heels.

If comfort is the goal wear low heels but keep a pair of high heels in your office for important business meetings.

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Color implies energy and a youthful attitude. Top executives in any company set the fashion trends for the office workers. Women who have reached high levels in their fields are more confident and not afraid to wear more color even in many conservative companies. Before you decide on how much color you can wear to the office consider the top executives and how they dress. The type of work environment in your organization is another important factor.

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