How to Cut Your Own Fringe (AKA Bangs)

How to Cut Your Own Fringe (AKA Bangs) Straight Fringe

How to Cut Your Own Fringe. It seems that fringe have been increasing in popularity as of late, especially those that are worn a bit longer. Since my early days as a stylist, many of my clients have had a love hate relationship with the concept of wearing a fringe, mostly revolving around the maintenance being so frequent. With a longer fringe currently being in vogue that is definitely a relevant concern. While most upscale salons offer a zero cost fringe trim between regular haircuts, I decided after seeing the handiwork of too many of my own clients that had succumbed to their own impatience, to show them how to do it properly themselves. Enjoy the tutorial!

How to trim a fringe (bangs) the professional way!



Sara Beth Cuadra

Guest Writer

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