Are culottes still in style & how do you style them?

Are culottes still in style & how do you style them?Culottes are an international fashion trend this summer and are considered a timeless “statement” style. Culottes are wide-legged separates, half skirt and half pants. No longer frumpy in beautiful fabrics like silks, calfskin, denim, in prints, and bright colors. Culottes in conservative colors will work in the office and are great for travel. Choose a length that flatters your height. They look fabulous just be low the knee or just below the calf. Avoid any length that hits the thickest part of the leg and keep the other elements in your outfit simple.

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Create A Signature Style
Let’s talk about creating a signature style – a style that expresses your personality, that makes you smile every time you get dressed, that gives the world a clue as to who you are.  Understanding your style will make you a savvier shopper and a smarter dresser.  This is not a quick fix.  It is a lifelong exploration, and with a few key tools you can make it a fun adventure! 

What is A Good Investment in Clothing?
We have a tradition in our family.  We go to a movie every day during the holiday season from December 25th right through to New Year’s Day. It’s a fun tradition that I always look forward to. One of my favorite movies was “Up in the Air.” George Clooney plays the main character, an executive, who travels around the country to fire people. He has no life to speak of.  He carries all he needs in one wheel-away suitcase.

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