Is costume jewelry a good investment?

Is costume jewelry a good investment?
Costume Jewelry

Costume jewelry, bijoux fantaisies in French, is affordable jewelry that can complete an outfit. It is designed for wearing with current fashions and usually made of inexpensive materials. Today modern costume jewelry incorporates a wide range of materials allowing designers to create jewelry that is unique and beautiful most of which will probably not be a good investment but make very stylish accessories.

Today big design houses create costume jewelry,  not always inexpensive, making this jewelry a good investment sometimes if taken care of by the owner. Chanel sells a white camellia brooch for around $600.00, Gucci has a faux-pearl and crystal ring in their collection for under $1000. and you can purchase a pair of turquoise resin and antique silver earrings from Valentino for under $800.00.

Is costume jewelry a good investment?Chanel Costume Jewelry

Costume jewelry designed by a famous artist such as Calder was and is a good investment. Jewelry designed by living artists can be found in museum stores or jewelry stores that commission artists to design pieces for them. For example Frank Gehry, the architect, designs some limited edition pieces.

Is costume jewelry a good investment? Is costume jewelry a good investment? Is costume jewelry a good investment?

Coco Chanel lifted costume jewelry to acceptable for women to wear. Some exceptional pieces of costume jewelry have been created using materials such as crystals, cubic zirconia, simulated diamonds, cultured pearls and some semi-precious stones are used in place of precious stones. Metals used include gold- or silver-plated brass and sometimes vermeil or sterling silver. Costume jewelry pieces can also be made from gold plating over pewter, nickel or other metals, such as wood, plastic, acrylic, or leather.

Tip: Costume jewelry makes great travel jewelry.

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