What colors, styles, & types of fabrics are OK to wear with a dark denim jacket? The jacket is cropped style.

What colors, styles, & types of fabrics are OK to wear with a dark denim jacket?A cropped denim jacket is considered a classic and timeless style jacket. You can wear dark denim cropped jackets with any color and any type of fabric. Pants, dresses and skirts are all styles that work with denim jackets. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try your jacket with different outfits. Many stylish females wear denim jackets with evening gowns or cocktail dresses for an edgy look!

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Party Pockets
Party pockets? Would you wear an evening gown with pockets?  Forever pockets have been popular on dresses, skirts and pants. Now young and seasoned designers are adding pockets to the cocktail dress and evening gowns for a casual chic look. These designers feel that pockets can give a four figure priced dress a less pretentious, relaxed elegance.

Update Your Look With Stripes
Update your look with stripes! Fashions with stripes are going in all directions and on everything from shoes, handbags, tops, bottoms and dresses, etc. The great thing about stripes is everyone can update their look wearing stripes. Accessories like shoes, scarves, handbags, etc. or clothing that has stripes on trim or accents can give your look an instant fashion update.

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