Can I add a colored shrug / shawl to a sand beige & black outfit? Going dancing this weekend & want to wear my black/sand jacquard floral maxi skirt with my sand/beige patent pumps & chiffon cap sleeve blouse in black (very sexy).  Clutch purse is print in black & sand color pattern. Want to add a little color to my top. First date with new guy so want a sexy but sofisticated vibe.

Can I add a colored shrug or shawl to a sand beige & black outfit?A colored shrug / shawl in a color such as red, pink or orange will add a POP of color (maybe too much) to your outfit. It sounds like you have put a lot of thought and planning into your outfit and your accessories. The colors sand beige and black are so perfect together. Why not add a bold color lipstick, flattering makeup and / or some attractive jewelry (earrings and / or necklace) instead of a colored shrug / shawl? A colored shrug or shawl will draw all the attention away from your sand / beige and black outfit. A sand / beige color shawl would look fabulous with your black and  sand floral maxi skirt,  black chiffon cap sleeve blouse and sand/beige patent pumps. Your makeup, jewelry and a great hairstyle will draw attention to your face and complement the stylish outfit you have put together. Enjoy dancing the night away!

Bold Lips Bold Lips Bold Lips


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