What color tights should I wear with a plum shift dress? It’s to a house party on NYE.

What color tights should I wear with a plum shift dress?A plum shift dress would look good with black, navy blue, dark gray  tights or matching plum color tights. If you are tall and slim and have great legs you might have some fun with some printed or tights with sparkle since it is an NYE party. Your shoe color should match your tights or you can wear black shoes with most colors.

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Holiday Chic
Holiday chic is festive and an excuse to dress up big time. If you can find something in your drawers and / or closet you can save time and money so panic, shop your closet. The trends below have been around for awhile and continue to be strong for holiday 2014.

How To Wear Color and Look Great
Colored clothing is popular in all seasons. Bold, bright colors, give you a youthful and energetic look. Plus they will certainly cheer you up, and they will also attract attention to you.

Dressing For Your Body Type
Knowing your body type/ shape is important. In order to look good you need to choose clothing styles that flatter you. Few if any of us have the “perfect figure.”

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