What color stockings can I wear? My dress is an eggshell color with a black belt.

What color stockings can I wear?Several different stocking colors will work with an eggshell color dress and a black belt. Cream color or neutral color stockings will be perfect if you are wearing black shoes that match your belt. You can try black sheer and black opaque color stockings also. It is best to experiment with the choices you have to see what looks best with your outfit. An eggshell color dress with a black belt is a great basic for your wardrobe.

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Sheer Stockings – This Seasons Style Choice
Thank goodness for the “Duchess of Cambridge,” who cannot be seen without sheer stockings, and celebrities like Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Beyonce` for wanting flawless looking legs.  Now a polished look for day and evening is back with neutral sheers.

When to Wear Neutral Color Sheers
Whether it’s a luncheon, party, wedding or dinner dance many women are still confused about when to wear sheer hosiery / sheer stockings. Common sense says to make the right style choice women need to consider the weather, their age, what they are wearing (skirt or pants), type of footwear and where they are going, a casual or more formal venue.

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