What color shrug can I wear with a purplish color dress?

What color shrug can I wear with a purplish color dress?Shrugs are perfect to keep you warm especially with strapless and sleeveless dresses or tops. Many colors are very attractive with the color purple. Pinks, pale or soft yellow colors or a cream color shrug will all look beautiful with a purplish color dress. Different shades of gray are other shrug color options. Experiment to see what color looks best with your purplish color dress.

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Shopping for a Cardigan Sweater
Over the last several years, we have seen the cardigan sweater emerge as a garment that projects authority, a casual/comfortable authority. Anna Wintour, the British editor, whose opinion influences the fashion world was seen wearing them in the movie, “The September Issue”, a documentary about the creation of Vogue’s 2007 biggest issue ever. Michelle Obama wears them on occasion over dresses, skirts and pants.

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Sometimes a widely announced new color truly does dominate a season, other times colors seem to come out of nowhere. But have you noticed that in general there seems to be quite a bit of coordination between the clothing world, the gift world, and the industrial/interior design world regarding color? Why?

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