What color shoes should I wear with a clay color gown? I am the mother of the bride.

shoe_beige_lowheelx “Clay” color can refer to a number of different colors in the brown, gray and red families. Designers give colors names that can be interpreted differently. Silver, nude/neutral or black color shoes are all neutral colors and will work with browns, grays and reds. Experiment to see which color looks most flattering with your “clay” color gown.

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What Should the Mother of the Bride Wear?
The one given when deciding what to wear for your daughter’s wedding is that every MOB (Mother of the Bride) wants to look great. Your daughter is the center of attention on her wedding day but that doesn’t mean you can’t shine too. Mothers of Brides usually have first choice when it comes to selecting an outfit for their daughter’s wedding but should let the Mother of the Groom in on what she is wearing if possible. A personal shopper/stylist at your favorite department store can help in selecting a MOB outfit.

What Should the Wedding Guest Wear?
Be a stylish wedding guest! Weddings are to celebrate, occasions to dress up. The wedding invitation provides the information to help you decide what to wear. Daytime (morning and afternoon) weddings are more casual than evening or formal weddings. Today any color is appropriate with the exception of white which is reserved for the bride.