What color shoes & jewelry should I wear with a prom dress? The dress has purple, blue & gold embroidery.

What color shoes & jewelry should I wear with a prom dress?Gold color shoes and jewelry would look great with your prom dress. Gold accessories would pick up the gold embroidery on the dress, look nice and add some glitz to your outfit. For a more understated elegant look pearl and / or gold earrings with neutral /nude color shoes and a neutral color handbag would look great with your prom dress. Your prom dress sounds beautiful! Enjoy the prom.

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Choosing Jewelry for Your Prom Dress
The style, neckline and color of your prom dress and your hair color go into the decision-making when choosing jewelry to go with your prom dress. Also you do not have to wear matching earrings and necklaces. You can mix it up. Plan ahead and try some different types of jewelry with your prom dress, shoes and purse and do a mirror test before you decide on jewelry.

How to Find a Perfect Prom Dress
The prom is coming up soon making it necessary to plan ahead if you want to find the perfect prom dress. Begin by searching magazines and online to see what is available and get an idea of what’s out there, what you like and price ranges. Then you can set a budget (ball park figure) for what you need to spend. Keep in mind you’ll need shoes, jewelry, purse and a wrap in addition to a prom dress. These items should be included in your budget. If you are getting your hair done and a manicure and pedicure they will need to be included also.

“A Prom Dress Style That’s You”
The prom dress style that’s for you is a dress that flatters your figure type and is in good taste. To determine a style that’s perfect for you, ask yourself what is my figure shape: triangle, inverted triangle, rectangle or hour-glass? Good taste means a prom dress that fits you perfectly; not too tight, too short, and not too low.

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