What color shoes can I wear with a deep purple cap sleeve dress? The dress has some beading & sequins. It’s for my son’s wedding.y sons’s wedding? It has a handkerchief hem.

What color shoes can I wear with a deep purple cap sleeve dress? With a deep purple cap sleeve dress you can wear silver, gold, neutral beige/ nude color or black patent leather heels. Pump or slingback style shoes will be great with your dress. Draw attention upward with some beautiful jewelry. Your mother of the groom dress sounds fabulous!

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What Should the Mother of the Groom Wear?
You are the Mother of the Groom. You want to look great and make a good impression at your son’s wedding. How do you begin to choose an outfit? It is a good idea to talk to the bride about her color scheme for the wedding and find out what type of wedding she is planning (daytime or evening).

Lace This Seasons Hottest Trend
Lace, this seasons hottest trend, is enjoying a comeback! It’s not just for weddings, christenings and lingerie anymore. Lace has crept into everyday as well as dressy clothing. Accessory designers have jumped on the lace band wagon too. Handbags trimmed in lace, shoes, collars and even lace print on eyeglass frames can add a trendy touch to your wardrobe.

Green Beauty Products for Your Hair and Skin
With everyone going green many salon clients are focused on making wiser and healthier choices. For example a green beauty regimen is a top priority. When considering the plethora of products that are applied to our hair and bodies daily it makes good sense to be aware of key ingredients contained in them. With such an abundance of options to choose from, narrowing it down to a handful of green products can seem to be a daunting task, but here are some suggestions to make things a bit easier.

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