What color shoes can I wear with an aqua polka dot dress? I have red patent leather wedges that might work. I see nude shoes with aqua dresses, but I don’t like that look. It’s for a wedding August.

What color shoes can I wear with an aqua polka dot dress?An aqua polka dot dress would look great with colored shoes. Try your red patent leather wedges to see if they look good with your dress and carry a red clutch to pull your outfit together. Other color shoes that would look nice with an aqua polka dot dress to try are yellow, orange, raspberry, blue, white and black patent leather. Experiment to find the most flattering.

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Wearing Prints and Patterns
When choosing things to wear, we want to accentuate the positive. The first thing to think about when selecting prints or patterned clothing is the proportion or scale. Large prints will call attention to you and your size. Small women don’t look good in clothing with large prints or patterns. Large women are already noticeable and will just call attention to their size when wearing large prints or patterns. Scale the prints to your size and you’re “good to go.”

What Message Are You Sending By The Colors You Wear?
Believe it or not what colors you are wearing can describe how you are feeling and what type of person you are. If you are wearing red or yellow you will be noticed fairly quickly. These colors are  good “attention getters.” You are probably an outgoing, confident, and warm person with high self-esteem.

Shoes Every Woman Must Own
Shoes have tremendous transformative power. They can make or break your look, and along with that your mood. But too many of them require you to be too careful when you have them on. While the diversity in the shoe department is like a gift from God, it also makes us lose sight of which are the must-haves and which are simply there because they look good but don’t necessarily do anything for you.