What color of pantyhose should I wear with a navy blue dress, red heels & a red belt?

What color of pantyhose should I wear with a navy blue dress, red heels & a red belt?Do a mirror check with sheer black and sheer navy pantyhose to see which color pantyhose looks better with your dress, shoes and belt. Also, navy blue tights might look fabulous with your navy blue dress, red heels and red belt. Colored tights are very chic and can give you a modern and / or updated look provided they work with your outfit. Experiment!

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Finishing Touches: Belts
No matter what time of the year belts are a popular accessory and are a way to define your waistline. You can belt a suit, coat, or dress for a new and /or put together look. Belts with interesting buckles are another way to add some style to your clothing. They are a way to give a basic outfit like a LBD (little black dress) different personalities or an updated look. For example a snakeskin, leopard print or a metallic belt can give your LBD three different looks.

Legwear Trends Fall 2015 – How to Wear Them
A plethora of legwear trends for fall 2015 and how to wear them. Fashion legwear is a great way to add visual interest and style to your fall wardrobe without breaking the bank. Wearing colored, sparkly and embellished stockings / tights, knee-highs, thigh-highs or socks are for the modern woman. When it comes to legwear this fall the only rule is there are no rules.

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