What color, length, etc. socks do I wear with dressy black tennies?

What color, length, etc. socks do I wear with dressy black tennies?What color and length of socks you wear with black “dressy” tennies (tennis shoes) will depend on the outfit you decide to wear with them. If you are wearing a short skirt, dress, shorts or calf length pants, short black ankle socks with ruffles or lace would look good. Black knee high socks would work with shorts or short skirts and dresses. Legwear is big and there are numerous styles with stripes and prints in black and white that can be fun to try with your black “dressy” tennies too. Experiment and check the mirror to see what looks best with what you are wearing.

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Less is More?
Less is More? There is a move underfoot to buy less but buy quality over quantity. Many of us have closets stuffed with quantities of clothes we never or seldom wear. However when it is time to clear out the excess in our wardrobes it can be difficult or impossible to purge this extra stuff.

Organize Your Clothes and Closet
Organize your clothes and closet at least twice a year. Spring and Fall are good times of the year. An audit is taking a clothing inventory and gives you the opportunity to get rid of things that you do not wear, don’t fit you or things that are out of style. A few good basics and special pieces should be the keepers.



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