What color hosiery should I wear?

What color hosiery should I wear? What color hosiery should I wear? The dress I’m wearing is black (asymmetric hem line) over a white straight skirt. I am wearing black open toed shoes.

Wearing sheer hosiery, that is nude or beige color with open toed shoes, is not considered fashionable and not accepted by the fashionista’s today.  Sheer black hosiery with your black open toed shoes will give you a polished and stylish look. Where the weather is warm and hot you can go bare-legged with open toe shoes. An edgy option would be wearing ankle socks with your opentoed shoes.

What color hosiery should I wear? What color hosiery should I wear? What color hosiery should I wear?

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When to Wear Neutral Color Sheers
Whether it’s a luncheon, party, wedding or dinner dance many women are still confused about when to wear sheer hosiery / sheer stockings. Common sense says to make the right style choice women need to consider the weather, their age, what they are wearing (skirt or pants), type of footwear and where they are going, a casual or more formal venue.

A Leg Up: When to Wear Stockings
Since most everyone is doing their own thing when it comes to fashion these days we decided to ask three experts when to wear stockings or when it is OK not to wear them. Ginger Burr, Total Image Consultants, “When wearing stockings, you must wear closed-toed shoes. No sandals or open-toed shoes with stockings (webbed toes are very unattractive)….” Samantha von Sperling, Social Image, “Always exercise good judgment when dressing for the work place. On your own time, anything goes. Just look in the mirror before you leave the house.” Michele Benza, feels hosiery is necessary only to keep your legs warm or as a fashion element. She says “During the cold season, I encourage my clients to wear hosiery like leggings, tights, fishnet, etc…”. When the weather gets warmer, stockings are not necessary as long as the legs are hairless and the skin moisturizer daily for a healthy shine. 

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