What color hose should I wear with a long black dress? The shoes are black, open toe style & it’s for a very elegant wedding.

What color hose should I wear with a long black dress? With a long black dress and black open toe style shoes you have several hosiery color choices: sheer neutral toe less stockings, sheer black hose or you can choose to go without stockings but have a pedicure.  If you will feel more comfortable wearing hose sheer black or sheer neutral color hosiery will be beautiful with your long black dress. Wearing sheer hosiery is very popular again and gives you a more polished look especially with shorter skirts and dresses. However since you are wearing a long dress your legs will be covered so it is perfectly acceptable to go without stockings.

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Sheer Stockings – This Seasons Style Choice
Thank goodness for the “Duchess of Cambridge,” who cannot be seen without sheer stockings, and celebrities like Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Beyonce` for wanting flawless looking legs.  Now a polished look for day and evening is back with neutral sheers.

Statement Shoes: Platforms
Statement shoes: platforms! Some platform shoe styles can add 4 or 5 inches to your height (or more?). Agreed looking taller and slender is appealing, and quite a few of us can benefit from adding a few inches to our legs. However, blurred by our long leg dream, the platforms have taken over our common sense. Perched on unstable blocks, we stomp the street unfortunately failing to realize how ungracefully we move.

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