What color heels can I wear with a navy blue dress? I am wearing a navy strapless knee high dress for a ball. How can I do my hair?

What color heels can I wear with a navy blue dress?Black suede navy suede or silver color heels all look very elegant with navy blue. Try both color shoes with your dress to see which looks best. A lot will depend on the style of the shoe and how it relates to the dress. Sheer black stockings will look chic with black or navy shoes. As far as a hairstyle, always wear your hair the way you think it is most flattering on you and forget about the latest trend(s).

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A Girl and Her Heels
I would rather be in pain wearing 4 inch Christian Louboutin heels than wearing something more sensible. I only own one pair of these so I wear them ALL the time, well until recently when the heel broke…does anyone know a good cobbler? (my CL’s were a 35th Birthday gift to myself.)

Cropped Tops
Cropped tops or the peek-a-boo look are hot trends emerging this season.  Believe it or not cropped tops can be flattering on many ages as long as they don’t reveal too much skin. Less skin showing is more elegant, subtle and sophisticated. The hottest style is a boxy, square shouldered style cropped top worn with  high wasited pants or slim skirts. Looks tres` chic worn with a pencil skirt.