What color denim is more trendy (lighter or darker)?

What color denim is more trendy (lighter or darker)?Denim fabric has become classic and is always “instyle”.  In general clothing in darker color denim is more dressy and sophisticated and shows less dirt than clothing in lighter color denim. Consider where you will be wearing your denim, work or dress up, then decide. All color denim is “hot”! Women wear colorful and white denim clothing all year.

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How to Wear Denim Jeans!
Jeans are now considered classic wardrobe pieces and work well for casual events or more dressed up venues. There are unlimited jean choices: dark or light, skinny or flared, plus ripped and / or  distressed in some other fashion. Prices vary also some reaching North of $700.00 a pair.

Dare to Wear Double Denim
Double Denim is a trend that sparks many a fashion debate: love it or hate it? Fashion forward or fashion faux pas? Denim delight or denim disaster? The majority fall into the latter opinion, usually due to the painful memories of a time when B*Witched sported identical Canadian Tuxedo’s in their ‘C’est La Vie’ video, and Britney and Justin wore those matching denim ensembles at the 2001 American Music Awards (if you have managed to successfully repress this horrifying image from your mind, let me remind you: they wore stonewashed denim, bedazzled with rhinestones denim, patchwork and distressed denim… and there was even a denim cowboy hat.) But they say that time is the greatest healer, and twelve years later, the fashion world have forgiven, forgotten, and are ready to rock double denim once again. A wave of denim on denim ensembles were sent down the runways at Mui Mui and Philip Lim, countless celebs (including Rihanna and Alexa Chung to name a few) have been papped wearing it, and any respectable fashion blogger is blogging it.

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