Color and Business Attire

Color and Business AttireChristine Lagarde, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF)

Color and Business Attire

Color implies energy and a youthful attitude. Top executives in any company set the fashion trends for the office workers. Women who have reached high levels in their fields are more confident and not afraid to wear more color even in many conservative companies. Before you decide on how much color you can wear to the office consider the top executives and how they dress. The type of work environment in your organization is another important factor.


If you are working in a conservative work environment some or all basics in navy blue instead of black are more feminine. Add a POP of color with accessories and/or print shirts & blouses. A colorful coat looks great over conservative office attire. If the top executives in the company wear colorful suits and dresses you can wear them also. The important considerations when choosing colorful business attire are to wear tailored classics, avoid frilly clothing styles and be sure your clothes fit perfectly (not too short, too tight or too low cut). Wearing clothing that fits you well will give your confidence a boost!

In casual work environments color is more acceptable but again it is a good idea to take cues from the top echelon at the company. Don’t forget how you look and your clothing are soooooo important. You are always being judged in the work place.

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