Should I carry a red or black clutch bag? I plan to wear my fit & flair dress that has solid black top with polka dot skirt with a fitted red waist band. I have red heels that match the waist band. The high heels have a bow of velvet & are a patent leather with velvet accents. 

Should I carry a red or black clutch bag?A clutch bag is an essential bag for everyone’s wardrobe and sounds perfect with your fit and flair dress. Since you describe the dress has having a solid black top with a polka dot skirt and a fitted red waist band, plus you are planning to wear red heels that match the waist band, choose a black color clutch to avoid a matchy, matchy (too much repetition of a color) look. Too many items in the same color take away from your overall look. A black clutch is a great investment because it is a style bag, in a basic color that will work for many outfits. Your outfit sounds very stylish since black, white and red are great colors together and polka dots are hot now! When choosing accessories there are no hard and fast rules but accessories can make or break an outfit so experiment and check the mirror for a pleasing look.

Should I carry a red or black clutch bag? Should I carry a red or black clutch bag? Should I carry a red or black clutch bag?

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