Clothing Essentials for Hikers

Clothing Essentials for Hikers

Equipment Which Most Hikers Can’t Do Without

There really is nothing like a huge walk across difficult terrain. However, without the right hiking equipment a potentially enjoyable experience can turn into a walking nightmare.


As the old phrase goes, “those who fail to prepare, prepare to fail.” It may well have been a hiker that invented that phrase because there is arguably few other situations where this phrase is more appropriate.

A few pieces of essential clothing essentials and equipment which hikers could well find invaluable are listed below:

Berghaus Boots
A hiker is only good as their choice of footwear. Many may agree that a pair of quality Berghaus Boots, such as the ones found at All The Shoes, can make a potentially hazardous hike seem like you are floating on air. Berghaus Boots make it far easier to tread on dangerous surfaces for long periods of time.

Big Rucksack
Those planning a particularly large hike may feel the need to invest in a big rucksack so they can carry lots of goods such as tents, spare clothes, food and cosmetics. A big rucksack is probably the easiest way of transporting these goods around.

Waterproof Jacket
The best hiking jackets are thick, light and, perhaps most importantly, waterproof. It can get mighty cold during winter in some hiking destinations, especially those at reasonably high altitudes.

What’s more, if it rains, hikers are often a long way from any suitable form of shelter. Being caught hiking in the rain without a waterproof jacket is far from pleasant. However, with the best coats, many hikers find that the rain is nothing but a mere distraction. Many of the best hiking jackets contain a well-designed adjustable, removable hood with a generous front neck flap.

This is a mere selection of the essential hiking equipment which most hikers arguably cannot do without. For a full list of items to bring, individuals are advised to check with the experts who have experience in hiking in all conditions.

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