How should you clean pearls?

How should you clean pearls?Clean your pearls by wiping them off with a slightly damp cloth. If you think they look dingy put in a dish of water (1/2 cup water) with one teaspoon of baking soda. Rinse thoroughly in clear water and lay them flat to dry before you put them away. Moisture will strengthen the silk threading. Store your pearls in a soft cloth away from sunlight and heat. Pearls can lose their luster if they are not exposed to air. Whether your pearls are cultured or simulated, special care is required when it comes to caring for them.

How should you clean pearls? How should you clean pearls? How should you clean pearls?

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Pearls Are a Gift From the Sea
Pearls are a gift from the sea. Always in style, pearls are timeless. They have been around and valued since ancient Egyptian times when they were found by fishermen accidentally. Today the pearl industry is a multibillion-dollar business. Elegance and in some cases rarity have made pearls a traditional sign of wealth.

Are pearls still in style today?
Style icons have been wearing pearls for centuries. Pearls are timeless classics; luminous, elegant, stylish and versatile. Pearls can be combined with the metals (gold and silver) or sparkly stones (quality rhinestone or diamonds) for an up to date look. Designers are putting pearls on footwear, legwear, sweaters, clothing and accessories. For a new look try combining a pearl necklace or two with a pendant, shiny chains and or vintage pieces.

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