Chinese Style

by Sandra Wong

Chinese StyleChinese Style

Fashion Trends in Beijing and Shanghai
 (the Paris of the East)

Several decades ago Chinese Style was the Mao suit worn by both men and women. With modernization and exposure to Western media women have begun experimenting with stylish fashion and hairstyles. Today’s Chinese women love reading fashion magazines and they are very passionate about fashion. As their incomes rise Chinese women will spend a larger percentage of their income on clothing and other luxury goods. Designer brands like Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Gucci are available in China and companies such as H&M, Zara and Topshop are opening stores at a fast pace to meet the growing demand.

Below you will see a wide difference between fashion in Beijing and Shanghai today. In general, the fashion in Shanghai seems to be more influenced by Western styles due to the diversity in culture. You will find many women wearing tall leather boots, pleated skirts, and colorful jackets. In contrary, the fashion in Beijing is more uninhibited and experimental. Women are less worried about matching colors and keeping up with the latest fashion trends. However you will find some similarities such as wearing leggings with shorts and skirts, layering shirts with tanks & sweaters and wearing high top wedge sneakers with tights.  You can also compare the street fashion in China today with street fashion in 2007.

Chinese Fashion Beijing and Shanghai December 2013

Changing Clothes in China: Fashion, History, Nation
by Antonia Finnane

Fashions in Beijing, Shanghai and other Chinese cities 2007