Changing Jobs


When is it Time to Find a New Position or Change Jobs?

It might seem strange to talk about changing jobs when there is a high unemployment rate,  but talented people should not put their careers on hold due to macro-economic factors. There are three basic reasons or motivations to consider changing jobs:

1.    You have stopped learning and growing in skill levels,
2.    You have an unhealthy relationship with your superior or
3.    You are bored and need a new career to bring meaning to your life.


The first two points above are essentially describing a situation in which your career is being held back by staying in the current job, which is a waste of valuable career time.  Trying to find a new position within your current company is probably a better alternative to seeking opportunity elsewhere.  The big advantages in staying at your company are your knowledge of how the company functions (a plus for your employer) and your ability to acquire greater long-term retirement benefits. If you are unable to affect a change of your responsibilities with your current employer, then take a look outside.  Start with your current industry so that you get the benefit of knowing the business when trying to find a new job.  If, however, your current industry is going nowhere, then look at related fields or businesses that are taking customers from your current industry.

If you fall into the third category (#3 above), then yours is a much more complicated process.  You have to examine what it is in the world of commerce that excites you or interests you to determine what industry you should look into.  Once you have found such an industry, you need to examine what type of work you actually enjoy (a people oriented, analytical, problem-solving, developing creative solutions, et. al.).  It would probably best be served by developing a job description for your ideal position.  This will help you in trying to present yourself to perspective employers.

If you judge yourself to be one with talent and ability to achieve more than is being offered, you should not remain content in a “safe” a job situation.  The economy never stands still and those that exhibit career development will have a strong edge over those who played it safe.


 R. David Silva

Career Editor