More Beautiful Brides

More beautiful brides – Our featured bride is Canadian. Her wedding took place in Montreal. See more Beautiful Brides Around the world.

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5 Tips to Keep in Mind When Planning Your Wedding

Start planning your wedding early and send your guests a save the date card. You’ll want to give your guests at least six months notice to block the date, make travel arrangements and schedule vacation time. There are many “Do it Yourself” versions to make it fun and personal to the type of wedding you are having.

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Beautiful Brides Around the World

Take a peak of beautiful brides around the world in their gorgeous bridal gowns taken in various countries. White is the symbolic color for wedding dresses. However different cultures have different customs. Today, the tradition has changed, brides are wearing shorter dresses and some brides are becoming more edgy wearing colored shoes.

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What’s Your Bridal Style?

At first glance, bridal styles can be summed up in just a few categories, each to fit the personality of the bride from traditional to edgy. Then after further study, I realized that since we live in such a multi cultural environment known as the bay area it really isn’t that simple. So, to provide inspiration to the multitude of women seeking ideas for their wedding day, I am offering a more varied approach.

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Financial Planning Tips for Brides

Have you thought about financial planning? Your life has been a whirlwind- wedding plans, parties, shopping and a honeymoon. Money matters may have already surfaced at this stage. If they have not, they will soon. Each of us brings a “money history” and “money style” to our marriage. The challenge in a new marriage is blending the styles of two newlyweds into a strong functioning financial team.

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