Bring out Your Feminine Mystique

It’s the month of baby be mine hearts, red and pink roses, pink champagne, and of course Love. And we ladies absolutely love our intimates. We can be sweet and sassy, fierce and sexy, or sensual and divine, let your lingerie bring out your feminine mystique.

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5 Basic Panty Styles

There are 5 basic panty styles and numerous variations on shape. Finding the right size, style and comfortable fit of panties is most important. Trial and error will help you determine which panty shape is the best for you.

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Ways to Get a Great Bra Fit

Knowing how to find the right size bra now will help you with your health and your self esteem for the rest of your life! Whether you have questions about how to bra should fit, or simply how to pick one out, the below tips will make sure you get a great fit for the rest of your life.

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French Lingerie

French Lingerie, ooh la la! Lingerie can make a woman’s body look sensual, sexy and delectable, and there are pieces that are fit for every body type. But, how did lingerie get to the look it has today? Of course there are a wide variety of different styles that come from the minds of brilliant designers, but these all got their start a very long time ago. French lingerie has an interesting history, and still influences the designs that you see on store shelves today.

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Intimate Must Haves

Beverly Weinkauf, owner Toujours ( — a tiny shop offering a selection of fine intimate lingerie designed to make women more attractive and sexy, says lingerie has always reflected the lifestyle and female fashions of the day.

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