Should you show cleavage on your wedding day?

A little cleavage is acceptable if you have a nice body and you are young. However too much cleavage might cheapen your look. The goal when choosing your wedding dress is to be a beautiful bride on your wedding day. Whatever you wear it should flatter you and your figure. A little mystery can  be…

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Can I Wear a Metallic Dress to My Son’s Wedding?

A metallic dress sounds très edgy for your son’s wedding. That being said if it works with the bride and the color scheme of the wedding a subtle metallic like a pewter, gold or silver dress would be beautiful. Avoid the very shiny metallic fabrics but something in a soft metallic shade is considered a…

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Can I wear a red dress to my brother’s wedding?

A red dress is appropriate for a wedding if it is in good taste. A red dress that is not too tight, too short or too low-cut in the front will look very nice and be lovely for your brother’s wedding. Other things to consider when choosing the dress color for your brother’s wedding is the wedding color…

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