What should I pack for a trip to Cartagena?

Cartagena is a vibrant and beautiful city in Columbia. It has become a hot tourist spot. The weather is tropical and is hot and muggy. The natives in Cartagena are selling everything from beautiful woven bags, jewelry, straw hats and other native goodies. Pack summer resort type clothing, think casual. Strapless and loose-fitting cotton dresses are everywhere.…

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What to pack for Rio? Going to the Olympics for 10 days.

Rio and the Olympics will be awesome. It is winter in Rio in August, making it one of the most comfortable months to visit. Temperatures usually average around 65 -75 degrees Fahrenheitin August with little if any rain. The natives dress very casual and you want to blend in with them. During the day cotton…

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What evening wear should I pack for a stylish resort in the Bahamas?

When thinking evening wear in the Bahamas pack comfortable, loose, thin and floaty clothing since the weather will be warm. Maxi dresses are always chic at stylish resorts. You can think off the shoulder styles for something very chic this season. Short shift dresses with some great jewelry and wedge, low strappy sandals or mules…

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How can one look stylish when traveling?

You can look stylish when traveling by wearing an outfit that flatters you. Comfortable clothes that look good on you are the travelers goal. Jeans with a shirt style blouse, a cardigan sweater, lightweight jacket and flats or low heel shoes make a stylish travel outfit. Solid color pants with a coordinating top, sweater, jacket…

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What can I pack for a visit to Thailand?

When planing for travel always check the weather and take into consideration what activities you will be involved in while traveling. Thailand can be hot making lightweight clothing popular. If you will be visiting temples you must have at least short sleeve tops and skirts or pants that cover your knees and shoes that you…

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What can I pack for a trip to Paris in November?

How lucky you are to be taking a trip to Paris. Before you decide on what to pack for your trip always check the weather forecast for the time period you will be there. Next write down the activities you plan on doing while there. With this information you can plan some outfits for your…

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