Can I makeover my wardrobe on a budget? I’m going into 10th grade & I am a tall, flat chested, skinny black Nigerian girl with scars on my legs, & chest that I don’t like to show. My closet right now is filled with jeans & t-shirts.

A wardrobe makeover is always possible even on a budget. Congratulation on wanting to improve your look with a wardrobe makeover. Wearing jeans and t-shirts all of the time is very boring. Before you start on your upgrade project don’t throw out all your jeans and t-shirts (teen’s staples) and answer a few questions. What…

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Can you wear jeans to a homecoming dance?

Never wear jeans for homecoming dances. Save them for your everyday classes. Usually semi-formal dress is enough to impress your date or future date.  Semi-formal attire for girls is usually a cocktail length dress. If your dance is formal you can wear a cocktail length or a floor length dress. Today white is one of…

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Can you wear a lace dress with patterned leggings? I am 18 years old and have a really adorable little navy blue dress made of lace with a belt. Need to wear something underneath because it is too short.

Patterned leggings with a lace dress may be a little over the top for a chic look. Lace dresses make a statement and patterned leggings make a statement. A good rule to follow is that one statement piece is enough for almost any outfit. If the belt on the dress is brown as pictured, replace…

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How can I add a POP of color to a champagne color prom dress?

There are a number of ways you can add a POP of color to a champagne color prom dress.  Add some colorful accessories. Colored shoes and / or a colored bag, a colorful necklace and / or earrings, a statement necklace or statement earrings are other options. A colorful hair ornament and matching color wrap…

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What type of jewelry & shoes should I wear with a black silk dress? It is for my 18th B day & has a deep v-neck, lace at the neck & under the bust, the length is a couple inches above my knees & I am wearing a purple grayish tank underneath.

From the description of the dress you are wearing, a black silk dress with “a deep v-neck, there is lace at the neck and just under the bust” with a purple grayish tank top underneath, there is a lot going on. Keep your  jewelry simple. Maybe diamond (or  zirconium) stud earrings would be enough jewelry. Black…

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What Should a 16 year old high school student wear? I need your help!

Your high school years are a time to experiment with clothes by trying a lot of different styles and colors to see which are most flattering. Determine your figure type / body shape (triangle, inverted triangle, hourglass or rectangle) so that you can choose styles that flatter you. Look around to see what other girls…

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