Can I wear printed shoes to a wedding reception?

Printed shoes look fabulous with print or solid color dresses or pants. They can add some personal style to any outfit. Footwear such as floral, animal prints or stripes can be worn to a wedding reception if they go with your outfit. When deciding on whether to wear or not wear print shoes with a…

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Are ankle socks with heels “in style”?

Ankle socks with heels are “in style” if you look good in them. However ankle socks are tricky to wear with heels and are not for everyone. Kristen Stewart pulls off the sock trend in Woody Allen’s new movie Cafe Society, set in the 1930’s, so expect to see this trend in the fall. Heels…

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Can I wear ankle shoes with a cocktail dress?

Ankle shoes are very much” in style”.  There are many styles and color ankle shoes / boots out there to choose from.  They look very stylish with cocktail dresses. An ankle shoe that is delicate looking, with thinner straps and tapered heels, would be more dressy with a cocktail dress than a heavier looking style…

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What are beach wedding shoes? I have a beach wedding to go to in a few weeks. I have no idea what shoes to wear, they said make sure they are comfortable.

Beach wedding shoes are a challenge. However now that summer is getting closer and there are so many beach weddings and beach destination weddings what are wedding guests to do. Plan to take your heels off for the beach part of the ceremony and slip on flip-flops or sandals. Flip-flop sandals are best for walking…

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Can I wear colored shoes with a black cocktail dress?

Colored shoes are the rage now and with a black cocktail dress they will give you a modern look. Women have been wearing nude color shoes and metallics with cocktail dresses for awhile and red shoes have always been popular to wear with black dresses. Today any color or multi color shoes are chic with…

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What can I wear with grunge boots?

Grunge boots are combat style footwear and they are extremely versatile, modern and edgy. Casual clothing and young people come to mind at first when you hear grunge or combat boots but grunge style boots can rock a cocktail dress too. You can wear your grunge boots with jeans, leggings, shorts, skirts and dresses. Can…

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