Can I wear velvet to an April wedding?

Velvet can be worn to an April wedding. Velvet is a seasonless fabric today. The weather dictates when to wear velvet. In cooler climates it is most popular. If it is hot where you live it will probably be too warm and might be uncomfortable. However you can wear a velvet jacket for a cover…

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What should I pack for a vacation to Sarasota, Florida in March?

Always check the weather report for your destination before you pack for your vacation. Sarasota has an average temperature in the high 70’s during the day and the high 50’s in the evening during March. Keep in mind what activities you will be engaged in while visiting Sarasota. Bring clothing to wear for those activities.…

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What are some fashion trends for spring 2014?

Some fashion trends for spring are the “it” color pink/purple, pastel colors, cropped pants, suits, hosiery for daytime, sequins and shine for evening wear, and flats with evening gowns. Lace, denim, elegant sport looks ( luxe sweatshirts, hoodies), white cotton blouses, fringe, feathers and sheer looks. Clothing is feminine and a ┬ásimple t shirt or…

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Can one wear white jeans year round?

You can wear your white jeans now or anytime with confidence no matter where you live. Many years ago white clothing was worn only in the summer from Memorial Day to Labor Day. What’s great about wearing white is that you have so many color options to wear with it and /or accessorize with it.…

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What type of footwear are they wearing in Europe this winter? I’m going to Germany & Prague for the Christmas & New Year holidays. What should I bring for basics?

Footwear is looking very practical. Women want to be comfortable. Knee high boots, ankle boots, oxfords and athletic shoes are favorites. It will be very cold that time of year. Choose one basic color (black, navy, brown, gray) and everything else you bring should go with that color. Bring pants/jeans for day and 2 pairs…

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What do you think about floral skirts with boots in a cold weather?

Today floral prints are popular spring, summer, fall & winter. Boots look especially nice with dark floral prints in the winter. Today there are few rules regarding when to wear what. Whether you should wear boots with a floral print in the winter comes down to whether they look flattering on you and right for…

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