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Can you wear the big sleeve trend to work?

The big sleeve trend or statement sleeves continues to be a fashion that has some staying power. For the office a blouse with big sleeves can offer coverage to arms and to add drama and interest to the top half of an outfit. A jacket with big sleeves such as one with leg o’ mutton…

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Are fashions exposing skin appropriate for the workplace?

Exposing skin in the workplace is inappropriate. The workplace is to work not to distract your peers or others at the office or make a fashion statement. Cut out clothing styles are trendy this season but trendy does not work for an office environment. You may get away with trendy styles in the fashion or…

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Are high low hemlines appropriate office attire?

High low hemlines are considered trendy and are not appropriate in a corporate office environment. If you are in a fashion and / or a style career you might be able to get away with a high low hemline if it looks great on you and is tasteful (not too extreme). It would look silly…

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What can I wear for a daytime speaker event? I’m 66 years old woman, 5ft 5 in, weight with a few extra lbs..size 12. I don’t want to over dress but would like a finished look. Attendees will be a mixed group (ages, sexes, lifestyles, etc)

Congratulations for being asked to present at a daytime speaking event. Your height is great so you sound like you have a great figure. A colorful (solid color) sheath dress, around knee-length would be attractive with classic heels. Color implies a youthful and energetic attitude. A colored dress that is flattering with your skintone and…

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Should you wear pantyhose or stockings for a job interview?

Wearing pantyhose stockings, or tights for a job interview depends on the job you are seeking, the company’s image and what you are wearing for the interview. For a corporate or high level executive job you should wear pantyhose, stockings or tights. They give you a more polished look. You should also wear them for…

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