What shoes can I wear with a black velvet dress on NYE?

A velvet dress is so festive and will look awesome on NYE. Parties on New Years Eve are opportunities to dress up and velvet is a dressy, rich and luxurious fabric. Because black is considered a neutral color you have many shoe color choices to wear with your dress. Black shoes would be very elegant…

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Can I wear white pants on New Years Eve?

White pants on New Years can be stunning. It is surprising how many women don’t think wearing white is chic in the winter. Where have they been? It is no longer taboo to wear white clothing any time of the year. White pants can be worn in so many different ways and they can be…

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What color hose or tights & shoes can I wear with a dark blue long sleeved sequin dress? It has a scooped back & it’s for NYE at a very nice hotel in Chicago. My boyfriend is wearing a suit & tie.

A sequin dress will make a big statement on New Years Eve so your shoes should be simple in style. Black suede pumps or black sling back style shoes with sheer black hose / stockings will look awesome with your dark blue sequin dress. If you want to wear silver shoes you can can wear…

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What can I wear to a Black Tie NYE party?

A NYE  black tie party is awesome! It’s always fun to get dressed up but also stressful when you don’t know what to wear. Black tie means formal attire. For women a floor length dress or skirt is appropriate but many modern women wear a dressy cocktail dress or dressy pants and top to black…

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What can I wear to a tree trimming party?

Tree trimming parties are traditional holiday events and lots of fun. They are a great way to kick off the season, with family and friends, and get your tree decorated. Wear something “casual but festive”  since you will be working at decorating the Christmas tree and maybe playing games afterwards. What does the dress code…

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