Was black clothing always a must in women’s wardrobes?

Believe it or not black clothing was extremely expensive and unaffordable for most women. The reason being was that it was very costly and labor intensive to dye fabric black. There were rules for dyeing black fabrics and laws that specified who could wear black. Only the wealthy could to wear black clothing and black…

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What color & fabric of blouse & shoes can I wear with a burgundy skirt? The skirt is a mid-length, burgundy chiffon with a burgundy color lining.

A pink, gray / silver or white silk blouse are all colors that would work with your burgundy mid length skirt.  A blouse in lace or sequins are other options. Choose the most flattering color to your skin tone for your top.  Silver metallic color, or silver color shoes and accessories would look chic with…

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What color shoes can I wear with a blue dress?

A blue dress is so practical. Many different color shoes will look great with a blue dress. Black patent leather or nude are very popular shoe colors to wear with blue dresses. Metallic, animal and floral prints can also work giving you many accessory choices and different looks. Wearing colored shoes with outfits is very…

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Can I wear a solid color top with black & white print pants? I’m going to a wedding & I don’t want to wear a white lace shirt with these pants but I have the same shirt in blue and love it. Would they look OK together?

A solid color top with black and white print pants would be awesome. However if your solid color blue top is lace it might be too much. Print pants and a lace top are both statement pieces and in most cases one statement item of clothing is enough in any outfit. However try your blue…

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