Body Shape

How can I improve my look? I would like some help.

Thanks for sending your photo. The first thing I noticed was your happy face and great hair style. Looking at the photo I see an inverted triangle. Your shoulders look wide and your legs look slim. The horizontal stripes on your top add width to your shoulder area and give the appearance that you carry…

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Do calf high boots make you look shorter? I am 5′ 2″.

Calf high boots are very stylish and can be worn by short women when their pants are tucked in if the boots are the same color as the pants.  Same goes when wearing long pants over calf high boots stick with the same color pants and boots. Wearing any different color tops and bottoms will…

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How can I dress for my body shape? I am 5’3″ and 98 lbs. My body is slim & fairly healthy but my spine curves inward & I have a naturally large rear, my waist is very slim. Whatever I wear balloons out when it reaches my hips & hides the rest of my torso – so I always end up looking a lot chunkier than I am.

You sound very tiny. From your body shape description I am not sure what your body type is however it may be a triangle shape, narrower on the top than on the bottom. Draw attention away from your hip area if you do not want to call attention there. Printed tops with short sleeves and…

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What style(s) swimsuit is most flattering on small busted women?

In general a swimsuit that has some detail  like fringe or  ruffles on the bust  is very flattering on small busted women. Another style that looks good on small busted women  is a one piece swimsuit with a print fabric or horizontal stripe on the bust and solid color bottom half. These styles will accentuate…

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Can I wear a creme color, strapless dress with a black waistband to a black tie affair? The dress comes slightly below the knees. I am 5 ft & 140 lbs & I am being honored at this event.

A creme color, strapless dress with a black waistband, slightly below the knees would be appropriate for a black tie affair for some figure types. A black belt on a creme color dress will make you look shorter.  Since you are 5 feet tall and 140 pounds, a dark color cocktail dress or pants would…

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