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What is a swim shirt?

A swim shirt is a sun protective shirt. Most swim shirts are made from spandex and nylon or polyester and block harmful UV rays. They can be worn swimming or paired with casual clothing to run errands, go hiking or take a walk.  For swimming pair a swim shirt with a bikini bottom or wear…

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How can I take care of may skin and get rid my skin problems? My face is splotchy, dry, has pits & I have tiny broken veins on my chin & cheeks. I have tried so many different over the counter products that don’t work.

When you have skin problems the first thing to do is visit a dermatologist. You can ask your primary care physician for a recommendation or go to the American Academy of Dermatology website to find a skincare doctor near you. A dermatologist can be a girl’s best friend. He or she can diagnose your specific…

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What color eye makeup & handbag go with a blue evening dress? The dress is lapis blue, sleeveless with a cowl-neckline (not short but above the knee). I am wearing silver shoes. It’s for a wedding.

Go light on the eye makeup. Maybe a silver or blue eye shadow would look nice with your dress and accessories. Silver or sparkly (quality rhinestone or diamond) jewelry would look good with silver shoes and a lapis blue evening dress. Wear with a black or silver bag. Experiment to see what looks best.

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