Are rompers age appropriate if you are over 50?

Rompers combine a top and bottom in one piece. There are many types and styles of rompers, casual and sophisticated. If you have a decent figure with good-looking arms and legs, age should not be a factor wearing a romper. Many women over 50 look fabulous. That being said nothing is worse than an older…

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What stockings/leggings are fashionable that won’t make me look old? I am a manager (mid 50’s ) at a financial company & meet with clients. I wear both prints & solid color dresses & am on the thin side.

Being a manager at a financial company means dressing on the conservative side and looking professional. Luckily there are many legwear options today that are fashionable. Sheer black stockings will almost go with anything but there are some great ultra sheer stockings in neutral color that are available today for a stylish look. The ultra…

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What style & color shoes & stockings do I wear with a black strapless, cocktail dress? The dress has a silver brooch & it’s for a winter sweet sixteen party.

You cannot go wrong with black pumps or black slingback style shoes and sheer black stockings with a black strapless, cocktail dress. Other stocking options are black with silver shimmer or black patterned stockings with black shoes. Read More: How to Wear a Brooch An attractive brooch can turn an ordinary outfit into something fabulous.┬áThe…

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Should I wear a knee length sequin dress or black pants & top to a wedding? I have a gray/silver sequin knee length dress with a medium gray sweater (same length as the dress) with pewter sandals & white gold jewelry or black pants & top with the same gray sweater & black sandals with silver inserts & white gold jewelry. The wedding & reception are in the afternoon & casual at the Siesta Key Hotel. I am 74 years old.

Weddings are for celebrating but a casual, afternoon wedding calls for something more understated than a silver sequin dress. Your black pants and top with your medium gray sweater, black and silver sandals and white gold jewelry sounds very appropriate. Choose a statement necklace or earrings in white gold, silver or sparkly (quality rhinestone or…

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How can I find a NEW style? I am 22 yearrs old and I want to look a little more mature but I have no idea where to start. I want a new wardrobe but I’m on a budget.

22 is a great age to leave your teen look, style and clothing behind and move into clothes that look more mature but not too old. Take into consideration what activities you are involved doing when making your plan. Once you have a plan shop for the clothing items you need during sales. You can…

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