Can you wear jeans to a homecoming dance?

Can you wear jeans to a homecoming dance?Never wear jeans for homecoming dances. Save them for your everyday classes. Usually semi-formal dress is enough to impress your date or future date.  Semi-formal attire for girls is usually a cocktail length dress. If your dance is formal you can wear a cocktail length or a floor length dress. Today white is one of the most popular colors for prom and homecoming.

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Temporary Tattoos
No need to risk infection from a dirty needle or needing to painfully remove unwanted tattoos now that temporary tattoos are an option. Temporary tattoos are non-permanent images on the skin that look like real tattoos. They can be drawn, painted, or airbrushed. Like any type of cosmetic you apply to your skin there can be side effects like minor skin irritation, including redness and swelling. There are 4 types of temporary tattoos to choose from: decal, metallic, air brush and henna.

Find the Perfect Hairstyle for 2015
A perfect hairstyle for 2015 is the one that flatters your face shape and helps send a message of who you are.  Are you fun, warm hearted, innovative and creative or a good thinker, etc? Jean Haner, an expert in face reading, and author of The Wisdom of Your Face reveals what your hairstyle tells about you. To find the perfect hairstyle for 2015 use facial elements like eye color, lip shape, forehead shape, and even facial shape to determine your perfect hairstyle. Your eyes, unsurprisingly, are one of the most revealing parts of your face. Your forehead tells you about your character. Lips share your communication style. Your natural hair color can convey a little bit about your character.

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