Can you wear a lace dress with patterned leggings? I am 18 years old and have a really adorable little navy blue dress made of lace with a belt. Need to wear something underneath because it is too short.

Can you wear a lace dress with patterned leggings?Patterned leggings with a lace dress may be a little over the top for a chic look. Lace dresses make a statement and patterned leggings make a statement. A good rule to follow is that one statement piece is enough for almost any outfit. If the belt on the dress is brown as pictured, replace with a thin black patent leather belt. Try black opaque stockings / pantyhose or sheer black stockings / pantyhose with a tiny black dot and pair with black patent leather shoes for a stylish look.

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Fringe Fashion
Fringe fashion is a wardrobe must have. By now we have all seen how fringing has gone beyond an adornment piece to a downright necessary must have. We have the fringe sandal, classic fringed jacket, fringe skirts and handbags (we can even fringe our bangs-imagine that!) Now although the fringe trend comes and goes, this season it’s back with a fiercely stylish vengeance. It’s not just for the boho chic; it’s a down right statement piece. So style it up because fringe is hot, hot, oh caliente!

Accessorize Like the French
The French chic know how to transform their look with accessories. They accessorize to change the look of their neutral color, classic, basic style clothing. French women know how to add a trendy accessory every season.  They accessorize their basics with one or two other colors. They always buy trendy items that go with what they have in their closet.  A good quality bold, splashy color handbag or a trendy detail like a new shade of lipstick will accessorize a basic.


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