Can you recommend a good office hair cut? I am a middle age woman with a round face.

Can you recommend a good office hair cut? A good office hair cut for any working woman is one that is flattering for their face shape and low maintenance. Whatever the style it should be easy to care for on a daily basis. Hair and faces change over the years and it makes sense that our hairstyle should change too. In general a shorter hair style is more flattering as we age. Talk to a hair stylist for help in finding a modern up-to-date looking hairstyle for your round shaped face.

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How to Choose a New Hairstyle
Looking for a new hairstyle? Below are some  ways to go about the process.  To choose a new hairstyle, start by looking at pictures of hairstyles in magazines and cut out pictures of the ones you like.

Find the Perfect Hairstyle
A perfect hairstyle for 2015 is the one that flatters your face shape and helps send a message of who you are.  Are you fun, warm hearted, innovative and creative or a good thinker, etc? Jean Haner, an expert in face reading, and author of The Wisdom of Your Face reveals what your hairstyle tells about you. To find the perfect hairstyle for 2015 use facial elements like eye color, lip shape, forehead shape, and even facial shape to determine your perfect hairstyle.