What can I wear to the theatre in NYC? My husband and I are going to NYC for the weekend and have theatre tickets.

What can I wear to the theatre in NYC?Theatre productions in NYC are so fabulous. The talent, costumes and stage sets are awesome. Some New Yorkers dress up when going to the theatre but the fashion today is so very casual that you see every type of clothing at theatre events. A basic black dress with some colorful jewelry or pants that flatter your figure type with an attractive sweater or blouse and some trendy accessories will look chic. No need to go over the top. Pay attention to hair and makeup.

Pictured Olivia Palermo

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Accessorize Like the French
The French chic know how to transform their look with accessories. They accessorize to change the look of their neutral color, classic, basic style clothing. French women know how to add a trendy accessory every season.  They accessorize their basics with one or two other colors. They always buy trendy items that go with what they have in their closet.  A good quality bold, splashy color handbag or a trendy detail like a new shade of lipstick will accessorize a basic.

Handbags, Scarves and Belts
Women’s fashion accessories such as handbags, scarves and belts allow you to vary your basic clothing. The accessories you wear should go together. Two accessories in the same color are enough. For example if you are wearing a gray dress with a red belt. You can add a scarf that has grey, red and black in it. Then wear black shoes and carry a black handbag. Stylish women over time have pulled an entire outfit together, developed their individual style and / or added a final touch to their outfits with the right accessories.