Can I wear a tea length skirt with a large floral pattern? I am a petite (5’3″) female and my legs are slim.

Can I wear a tea length skirt with a large floral pattern?Tea length skirts or dresses and large prints look more flattering on tall women. In general knee-length dresses are more stylish on short  (5′  3″)  petite females. If you are in your 20’s or early 30’s you can get away with skirts that are a little shorter if you have good-looking legs. Petite women can be over powered by large prints and patterns. When choosing print skirts and dresses look for prints and patterns that are in proportion to your size.

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Dressing For Your Body Type
Knowing your body type/ shape is important. In order to look good you need to choose clothing styles that flatter you. Few if any of us have the “perfect figure.”

Wearing Prints and Patterns
When choosing things to wear, we want to accentuate the positive. The first thing to think about when selecting prints or patterned clothing is the proportion or scale. Large prints will call attention to you and your size. Small women don’t look good in clothing with large prints or patterns. Large women are already noticeable and will just call attention to their size when wearing large prints or patterns. Scale the prints to your size and you’re “good to go.”

Edgy Style Mixing Prints
To mix prints takes even the most seasoned fashionista into dangerous trend waters. In the fashion world mixing prints and patterns was once a fashion don’t, but today it is a ragging fashion trend that continues to persist season after season. Mixing prints for work or play can be done tastefully, boldly, and artistically. So if you want to expand you fashion sense play around with prints, patterns, and textures. Here are some guidelines to follow when mixing prints.